Li’l David Beats Goliath Again

We have a winner! The seventh season of the American Idol will David Archuletaend soon but weeks before it happens, David Archuleta is soaring aloft and proving he deserves all the fame and fortune that are coming his way.

With only four contenders left, AI paves the way for the best of them to stand out and really shine. This is rock-and-roll week and I thought David Cook, the resident rocker of AI7, would take the floor and leave everyone else in the dust.

But look at what happened: Archuleta rocked and claimed the spotlight all for himself! After singing Stand By Me and Love Me Tender in this night’s episode, he was definitely just heartbeats away from stardom.

Simon Cowell couldn’t have put it better when he told the young and talented David, “You didn’t beat the competition tonight; you crushed [it].” Now I love Simon.


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