A Book for a Bankbook

Heavyweight. Literally or otherwise, that’s the word to describe Italy’s new art masterpiece, a book entitled Michelangelo: La Dotta Mano (“La Dotta Mano” means “The Wise Hand” in English). Launched May 29 in the city of Bologna, this book is a collection of black-and-white photographs of Michelangelo’s sculptures as captured by Aurelio Amendola’s lenses.

But beyond its interesting content, what makes it a real heavyweight is its price tag: a whopping 100,000 euros (about 6.8 million Philippine pesos)! This is luxury publishing at its prime.

So what do you take home at the cost of a house? It’s a 21-kilogram volume of grandeur with a 500-year guarantee. It also has detachable pages of reproduced drawings by Michelangelo.

The publisher Gruppo FMR wanted to make the book a “work of art in itself.” Thus, they covered it with marble that is a scale reproduction of the “Madonna of the Steps” bas-relief. Moreover, each page of the book is exclusively handmade for the project utilizing the stringent standards of 19th century publishing.

The quality of La Dotta Mano calls for a labor-intensive and meticulous production, so our rich readers will have to wait for about six months more to have this black “goldbar” for themselves. This waiting makes buying one all the more exciting.

To magnify its exclusivity, only 99 limited copies of the book will be manufactured. Break the bank now.


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