The Welcome Mat

welcome_matThis past week, I was welcomed into the workplace whose challenges I was initially reluctant to take. At the treshold were smiling faces of hospitality who showed me the way to a happy nook amidst a world of nerds, nomads and number-crunchers. I never expected I would deserve a seat in CARD’s IT Department.

But there was I, installing several apps into brand-new Lenovo Thinkpads on my first day and IBM servers on the second. Minor troubleshooting for Trojans and worms also nudged my consciousness that I am just a kindergarten in the computing field. I was grateful, though, that the few IT workhorses that I met always had an ear and a hand to lend this novice.

Some claim that name-dropping is unfit in the spectrum of corporate ethics. But let me do it in good taste.

Kudos and thanks to Sir Egay for letting me feel one with the IT family, to Sir Rick for making my online pseudonym “Red” official, to Sir Rey for the patience, to Sir Jhed and Sir Homer for generosity, and to Sir Ian for the warm hospitality from office to staffhouse. Oh, did I forget to thank the polar bear (peace, man!)?

I am lucky to have known you, guys. Technological complexities, social expectations and workplace demands wouldn’t bother me anymore because I know that I am sharing space with people who care.

This is Red, now stepping in and signing on.


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