Counting Blessings

Thank you Lord…

…for the endless meetings because in the end there’s guidance for me how to do things better.

…for the tiring work every day because at the end of the day I’m always looking forward to a beautiful time with my girlfriend.

…for the crazy project schedules because they justify where “time management” fits better than “time constraints” do.

…for the sleepless nights because rewards in career and remuneration come in Your time.

…for the timidity-provoking Board meetings because they tell the things I couldn’t learn from the outside world.

…for the “out-of-scope” tasks because they uncover the things that I can do beyond what Job Descriptions can define.

…for the crowded office cubicles because they tell the world we are providing jobs to many.

…for the warm weather in this city because it makes me feel there’s no better place than my nippy hometown.

…for letting me stumble at times and letting me know gravity is meant to keep our feet on the ground.


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