A Phone Without A PIN

How many times do you unlock your smartphone everyday? 20 times? 50 times? A hundred? That is also how many times you have to input your PIN or password.


Photo by Oliur Rahman on Pexels.com

A four-digit PIN used to unlock a phone a hundred times in a day means 400 taps! So you’re taking the burden of inputting the same code over and over to prevent that slim chance of another person accessing your phone without your consent.
I chose not to use any PIN, pattern lock or password to secure my phones so that I can use them with a single swipe. Here are the reasons why:

  1. If my phone gets lost or stolen, I can easily lock it remotely using any other device that has Internet access. I can use my desktop, laptop or a friend’s phone and tag my phone as lost, set a PIN and enable an onscreen alert with my contact details (in case somebody wants to return it).
  2. All information that I have on my phone are synced to the cloud (contacts, mails, calendars, notes, photos, health data, clippings, etc.). I can freely wipe my phone data anytime without worrying losing any data at all.
  3. Most apps now have two-factor authentication so I can easily unauthorize those apps installed in a stolen device.
  4. All other critical apps (e.g. mobile banking apps, personal finance apps like Wally & Ahorro) require their own passwords every time they will be used, so it’s safe from unauthorized use.

At any rate, the key fallback measure is to be able to access the Internet immediately after you lose your phone. Without it, don’t dare leaving a PIN-less phone lying around.


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