Cubix Cube Lite Review

Five days after Lazada delivered my Cubix Cube Lite, I can say that this phone is well worth its price. The specs are reasonably sufficient for general use. It looks like an enlarged Xperia Go with its bright display, textured back panel, rubber slot covers for SIM & microSD, and its light weight. It takes a while to figure out how to uncover the SIM slot at first.


Performance-wise, the experience is smooth for most of the tasks but it sometimes lag when several background apps start to pile up. Obviously, its not designed to be a gaming phone.

The internal speakers and the bundled headset are nothing to be desired. But when I plugged in an Apple Earpods, the Cube Lite was able to pump out acceptably good music with ample bass.

Photographs produced by front and back cameras cannot compare to those from mid-range phones in the market but will be acceptable to those who are just starting with smartphone photography.When manually focusing objects on the camera. Ther

Battery lasts more than 2 days with light use (like 1 hour of music, 1 hour of FM radio, occasional social network checks via wifi and a few dozen texts per day) but can easily get consumed up in less than a day with heavy use.

Out-of-the-box configuration isn’t very polished so I installed Microsoft’s locker and launcher and disabled a few pre-installed apps that I don’t use (Kakao Talk, Talkback, TouchPal, live wallpapers, etc.). The end-result is a satisfactorily usable smartphone that is light in the pocket both literally and figuratively.

Wanted: Philantrophists & Gadget Geeks

Sony has consistently been on the forefront of cutting-edge technology eversince, keeping its loyal market satisfied and everyone else salivating at every gadget that the company releases. From the first Walkman in 1979, Hi-Fi’s, Playstations, HandyCams, Wegas, Bravias, and Vaios have graced our homes and shaped our lives, successfully earning a reputation for topnotch quality.

Sony DSC-T2Just few months ago, a newborn was the 8.1-megapixel Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2 digital camera with 4 gigabytes of internal memory; touch-sensitive widescreen LCD; scrapbook, retouching and photo album functions; full HD capability and the impressive Smile Shutter feature. Smile Shutter allows the camera to automatically capture photographs when it “sees” a smiling human face. This Cyber-Shot rocks!

But how can I get more tempted when I came across the Sony Ericsson K850i Cyber-Shot phone in the pages of the Philippine Star? It boasts of a 5-megapixel camera, a second camera for video calling, and a large (2.4 inches) screen in an amazingly small body.

Sony Ericsson K850i

Add to that its image stabilizer for shaky hands, timer function when no one wants to be a photographer, and the BestPic feature that renders nine different pictures in one capture. More adventurous shots are possible with the Xenon Flash and the Landscape Twilight, Sepia, and Black & White modes.

To justify it overload of talents, the K850i is dressed up in designer coat. It is not your ordinary LCD, number keypad and joystick but a fresh new experience for textaholic fingers as its rectangular cursor key is embedded within the number keypad layout enclosing the digits “2” and “5.” Neatness!

It’s getting more confusing to choose a mobile phone, though, as aesthetics, ease-of-use, and technology get into the equation (think W960i vs. K850i). But with all the sensible innovations that Sony Ericsson phones are now offering, we are finally coming to convergence nirvana. As with me, I need a philantrophist to satiate my craving for the K850i. Anybody?