Perfectionist. Visionary. Non-conformist. If you are one of these, then we probably share the same wavelength and idiosyncracies in life. We might as well enjoy exchanging banters over a glass of caramel frappè and a mouthful of fruit fritters.

I am a laidback lad who loves a little sophistication to break the monotony of my simple world. Wherever life takes me, I allow myself to indulge in some forms of escape to focus on creating timeless memories which later become more significant than my daily routines.

From cutting-edge cityscapes to quiet nature retreats, there’s no stopping me from following my heart’s happiness even if they divert me off the beaten path. I readily embrace change as long as dynamism proves rightful and beneficial.

This is inkwell insights. Always captivating. But never the same.

Welcome to my virtual estates.