Where Else

Where else can you find me? I am omnipresent. You can find me in the following places:

Philippine Panorama: March 24, 2019 (My poem “Bonsai” was published)
Philippine Daily Inquirer: June 26, 2008 (I wrote the article “Silent Mode” for Youngblood)
The Junior Inquirer: March 4, 2000 (published a poem that I wrote when I was 16)
Manila Bulletin: March 27, 1999 (I was listed as one of the DOST scholars, page 21)
Kilapsaw: I once wrote an article for CARD MRI’s official newsletter
The Beacon (school paper of Our Lady of Sorrows Academy): I was the Founding Editor-in-Chief and wrote editorials, campus commentaries and feature articles while in high school
The Mountaineer (school paper of DECS Dolores District): Vol. 9 (1995) as Sports Editor while in Grade School

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