Uber Dream Weaver

When Endemol and ABS-CBN work together, it comes with an implied satisfaction guarantee. (At least that’s how I see it.) Now that the two broadcast giants’ latest production here, the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2, is at its 10th gala performance, that guarantee reveals itself more visibly.

Who cannot get hooked on to this showcase of Filipino talents, not only to the “dreamers” but also to their exceptional mentors? And there’s the hyper-host Billy Crawford to keep the afternoons alive through “uberture.” What else can we ask for?

Liezl and Van were my early favorites in the competition but Bugoy and Laarni seem to win the popularity votes these days. Tonight, the “dreamers” each sang a duet with well-established artists. Saying this episode was great would be an understatement. Spectacular was perhaps the right adjective.

Miguel finally came up with a good perfomance to shun away his detractors. (Still, my mother insists that Chivas deserves to be a finalist more than Miguel does.) But when Laarni sang “The Prayer” with Jed Madela (no less!), I had goosebumps all throughout the song. How I wish the second season wouldn’t end soon so that I could watch more “concerts” for free.

Just out of my curiosity, I watched GMA 7’s Pinoy Idol in its final performance night. When it ended, I was like “That’s it?!” I expected a “finale grandeur” considering it is a franchise of my TV vice American Idol. Being a Kapamilya though, I might be totally biased in this regard. But the Fremantle pride should have retained its magnificence especially here in Asia’s music capital. How were their ratings again?


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