Beneath the Surface

I woke up this morning with Microsoft splattered all over my news feeds. They all glorify the upcoming Surface, a Windows 8 tablet for which the hardware is also created by Microsoft.

Digging deeper though, it’s all publicity and media hype for now. Surface is being positioned as a direct competitor to Apple iPad. Unfortunately, it was announced when Microsoft cannot even tell when it will become available, how much it will cost, what it can actually do, and how it will behave while running applications. Nothing was said about detailed technical specifications, battery life, readily-available apps, and everything else that matters to tablet owners and prospective customers. That’s completely contradictory to Apple’s strategy of keeping it secret until it comes up with a finished product that is ready for delivery.

Microsoft describes the Surface as a “tablet that works and plays the way you want.” Well, that is if you’ll have the applications that will let you do so. Remember that Apple does not win by device and OS alone; it has the best apps store! One advantage that Microsoft has is that they did not make Office apps available for the iPad. They can make Office exclusive for Windows tablets but that may not be a significant leverage nowadays.

I went to the Surface page in and all it says is “Welcome to Microsoft Surface. Coming Soon.”

Promising to deliver: Is that all Microsoft can do now from all those years of leaving Apple take away their market share? Good luck!

Here’s a teaser video by Microsoft. See if it will buy you in.


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